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:: Sunday, January 18, 2004 ::

Subject: Absinthe of Faith

Wow... has it really been two months?

Anyway, I think it's about time to start writing in this thing again. Changes they are a-comin'.

First of all, I'm doing okay, minus work, of course. No matter how hard I try, that aspect usually sucks while I'm here. That's why I'm changing jobs... But we'll get to that when there's more to say.

Christmas was good to me. It's ironic, since my job was taking up all my time, I was always tired, money was always an issue, and a whole lot of other shit was coming down hard during December, but Christmas couldn't have turned out better. We got everyone good gifts, and we got some good ones, too. I was able to acquire a PS2 and a whole lot of new GameCube and GBA games, so that was a bonus as well.

New Years was nice. We went to my Sisters for a big party, but I was able to take Kenn-Kenn with me (visiting here for Holiday from the A-har-mee). It was really good getting to hang out with Kenn again. Some people my relationship is the same online as offline with, but Kenn is one of those people where we just have more fun and get along so much better when we're face to face. We had a blast chatting it up and putting some quality 2-Player Co-Op time into Mario Kart: Double Dash. ^_^ We were also able to call Pehter to tell him Happy New Years, but he was on duty (sucks). It was still good to hear his voice, though.

Anyway... it appears that Sama has had her bay-bee. I got a message from her on our voicemail a week ago, and she said she'd call back the next day. I was home the whole day and off the phone line and never heard it ring. I wished she'd called me back... I was hoping to hear how things were going.

At any rate, we finally, miraculously got our Broadband back. Months of being pissed and the problem ended up being mine after all. After doing what I originally planned (replacing the Ethernet card), everything worked peachy keen. Ironically, we're finally getting our wireless service next week, and the T-1 may be shut off as a result. Then we'll have to pay an $80 deposit just to use one of their wireless hubs, and that's money we just don't have right now. Jessica's hours have been cut and mine as well. Money is tight, and that's just not on the list right now.

Speaking of that... I'm on a diet. I've gained back some of my lost weight, and I'm ready to lose it, so I started a diet last week. It's very similar to the Atkins Diet, without the propaganda and money-sucking supplements and Doctor visits. I've already lost poundage, though I don't know how much. I weigh in on Tuesday. Regardless, I'm losing a lot of weight, as my shirts and pants fit better, and I can visually see improvement in my midsection and face. I'm quite excited about it. ^,^

Well, even with some good things happening, the bad always comes in to rain on the parade. I've actually been quite angry lately. I'm becoming more and more upset at the changes in our government, especially the integration of overly moralistic values and Christian beliefs into our laws and policies. I mean, since when was this government run on the idea that free speech is good only up to a point? Whenever the government tries to push down on our free speech, we just go nuts on them, and they back off. Isn't that what history has proven about us? If nothing else, don't take away that freedom of speech, right? Well, I thrive off of that freedom, and now Bush and his asshole cohorts have stepped in and decided to tell us what's right and wrong.

When did the Thought Police arrive? Since when am I on trial for thinking or feeling a certain way? I mean, words are the one thing that they CANNOT outlaw. We can say what we want, about whatever we like, whenever we feel like it. It's not a privelege, it's a damn RIGHT in this country. I don't think any bible-thumping Christian with his head up his ass should be able to tell me what to think, or that the things I'm feeling are wrong. I mean, is the entire world DRUNK or something? Have they been sneaking into Mom and Pop's liquor cabinet and sipping off the funny green stuff? It seems like we'd be fighing a hell of a lot harder against this, but everyone is so drunk off our 'victory' (sarcasm?) in Iraq, they'd let Dubya jack off in their hair and thank him for the privelege.

I mean, here's an example of how petty this is getting. Certain educational websites based around that dirty, dirty little thing we call SEX are being threatened by the government due to their 'questionable content'. They're being told that they have to prove that they stand as a moralistically sound and beneficial resource (whatever that means) or they'll be thoroughly investigated and possibly shut down. I find this very idea to be amazingly un-American. Who are they trying to persecute? What have these people done wrong except to help educate our youth about the reality of sex? I've actually read through a website such as this that has been shut down for just such a reason, and no wrongdoing was ever recorded. They shut down out of fear based on letters and emails recieved from the government, threatening them in the manner I've described. Obviously, they don't plan to fight the government, because they know they cannot win. They'd either run out of money fighting them, as they are a non-profit organization, or they'd lose and possibly be be 'investigated', maybe even having their lives exposed and ruined.

I mean, does Bush get laid at all? Maybe his wife's legs are permanently crossed, and he's way too scared to go out and get himself a hooker right and proper. Or maybe, he really is just a big prude. It seems that he has more against sex than he does against terrorism. Being a person who contributes to the 'Adult Industry', I find it very unnerving that one day Bush and his Buddies may be attacking my own works during his next four years in office (like he's not going to get reelected by the hypnotised masses or something.

Anyway, I have a serious lack of faith in our Government right now. If things keep going this way, I think I may just end up taking that trip to Japan we've been planning - and make it a one way trip.
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