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:: Tuesday, November 18, 2003 ::

Subject: Red Soda in a Green Bottle

It's strange how subtle life's changes are. It seems more and more like I can't honestly update this blog. I feel very vulnerable on it. It feels like I can't be completely honest.

I once thought that this Blog was safe. One or two friends knew about it, and most of what I said on it could be viewed by the blog reading public and everything would be fine. Now, I'm not so sure.

I have many readers now, and some were not intended. Some people have looked me up on the internet and found my blog by looking up information about me. I don't have a problem with that fact, but I do have a problem with exposure. I've been overexposed to too many people, and the result is that I cannot talk about all that happens in my life without possibly damaging relationships with people that I have who read this blog.

My life has taken a different turn than I imagined it would. I have delved into a new set of interests and have a new and a more optimistic outlook on life. However, I do not wish to divulge a great deal of that information here. Sad as it may be, I'm forced to say this.

I have no plans to shut this blog down or leave it. However, regular readers should expect that I will not update this blog frequently. In fact, you should expect it to be about what it has been for the last few months - about once every four weeks to a month. This is the real reason I haven't been updating as much lately. Too much I don't want to say.

Anyway... I hope those who read this blog understand, and just remember... I'm not gone. Just... not completely here.

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